About Us

About Us

Type of Businesses:
Manufacture,Sale of Power Controller&Distribution Equipments and Accessories,Domestic Lighting,Commercial Lighting,Enginnering Lighting,LED Lighting,Solar Generator and other products.We are also Philips, Legrand, Schneider's largest dealer in china.

Special Features about ELESUM:
Semi-automatic machines (installed at multiple checkpoints in the production line).
Almost all processing machines were designed and manufactured by ELESUM.
Constant machineries remodeling, maintaining and replenishment to raise increase productivity and quality.

Environment Issues :
Material processing may release harmful materials to environments. Responding to the calls from international environmental organization, ELESUM has been preparing to acquire the certification of ISO14000 since 2002 and hopefully to obtain the certification in 2004. ELESUM is continuously monitoring possible harmful materials released and is always aware of the environmental issues.

Enterprice Resource Plan (ERP) :
In 2003, ELESUM have implemented Enterprise Resource Plan "ERP" system in order to effectively control and manage resources, material processing, import and export processing and tracing the status of each lot of processing materials in the production lines.