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Cable Management Universal DLP Trunking
Universal DLP Trunking 50x105-65mm cover

Universal DLP Trunking 50x105-65mm cover

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Brand: Elesum


DLP PVC wall trunking ranges that can be installed quickly and easily to supply workstations and that adjust easily to different room configurations.

Modern material and neat and attractive finish for a top-quality range that offers the same speed and easy installation benefits as the DLP wall trunking PVC

Available in black white and grey, this cable management system has been designed for flexibility, efficiency and enhanced aesthetics, as well as easy installation and optimum safety in any application, including original installations, extensions and modifications.

Applications include hotels, offices, healthcare facilities, shopping centres, theatres and luxury homes.

Features of this system include variable internal and external angles, rounded corners suitable for Cat 6 optical fibre cable distribution and a range of fully insulated base profiles for various compartment configurations. Variable angles mean that even if there is a corner angle that is not exactly 90 degrees, there is still a perfect fit.

(1) Classification and performance are for a mounting at an angle of 90°
(2) See mounting and assembling instructions on technical sheets
(3) Universal and Mosaic supports for wiring accessories, cover width 65 mm : Cat.Nos 109 10/52/53/54/56/58
(4) Universal and Mosaic supports for wiring accessories, cover width 85 mm : Cat.Nos 109 92/93/94/96/98

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