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Circuit Protection Modular Circuit Breaker(MCB)
Schneider iC65N Miniature Circuit Breaker 1P 10A

Schneider iC65N Miniature Circuit Breaker 1P 10A

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Brand: Schneider


1,Standard  IEC60898-1/GB10963.1
2,Product certifications  CCC CE
3,Tripping curve  C
4,Breaking capacity  6/10/15kA
5,Degree of protection  IP40(front face) IP20(terminal)
6,Operating temperature  -35?C~+70?C
7,Storage temperature  -40?C~+85?C
8,Limitation class  3
9,Fast Closure
10,Double clip for dismounting with comb busbar in place
11,Fault tripping indication by a red mechanical indicator in circuit breaker front face
12,The presence of the green strip guarantees physical opening of the contacts and allows operations to be performed on the downstream circuit in complete safety
13,Remote indication, open/closed/tripped, by optional auxiliary contacts
14,Top or bottom electrical feeding

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